; Our Joyful Blessings: May 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bday Party Fun

The kiddos were invited to attend our neighbors twin boys bday party which was held at a local kids gymnastics place. I had no idea that bday parties at gymnastics place could be such great hits with the kids. They started off with creative arts. They were all given tshirts (smocks) to throw and then chose a piece of ceramic to paint. Alexis picked a seahorse, Mandy a fish and J.R. a teddy bear. When they were done with that they were told to take off their shoes and socks and led into a gymnastics area where they got to play for two hours. Once done with that portion of it they all had pizza, sang happy bday and cut that cake! It was a great time for the kids.

We have a trip planned for a small water park tomorrow where we will be meeting up with Maria, Chris and Mia. That should be fun!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Julian's Readoption Day

Today was Julian's readoption day. Finally the end of a long process. It was a wonderful experience since we were represented by a fellow Guatemalan adoptive parent and personal friend "Bart". We weren't able to take Alexis because she was in school but we did take Mandy and J.R.. The court reporter recognized J.R. from his readoption which took place last year. She was stunned on how he's progressed. Julian was all smiles, waving bye bye and being his usual happy self. My kids thought Bart was great and while we were waiting for copies of our final order he sat on the floor with them and played.

It's a very interesting process in Florida. If you don't recognize the foreign adoption, your child does not have the same rights and previledges as your biological children would have. Now Julian has all his rights and will receive a Florida Birthcertificate!

My husband couldn't resist but to kiss up all up while we waited!!! Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's been difficult trying to keep our blog updated. We have very busy weekends trying to get things done that I couldn't do while working during the weekdays. But, we do manage to do something fun with the kids almost every weekend.

This was our first Memorial Day weekend with both boys home. We decided to go visit Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure. We stayed at the Portofino Hotel that's within the park. It was lots of fun for the girls, however, the boys really didn't get to ride much because they are still too small. We all did ride the tea-cups which was Julian's first park ride ever. He LOVED it, he is a riot of a child. J.R. is afraid of everything. I mean he's afraid of balloons, clowns, characters, rides, pools the list is endless. I know it's a matter of time before he overcomes many of these fears and I'm a very patient mom and will work with him. He had a very difficult start and all these issues are totally normal.

We came home on Sunday and I decided to take all the kids for haircuts. The boys both got the "suffer" cuts and the girls just got trims. I think they all look gorgeous (but I'm very partial!!!)...

Tomorrow is Julian's re-adoption or "Recognition of Foreign Adoption" this needs to be done in order for the State of Florida to legally recognize him as our son and in order to receive a Florida birth certificate. My dear friend Bart is representing us. He had Ethan's re-adoption done this past Tuesday.

I'm posting pictures of our weekend now and tomorrow of our re-adoption ceremony if time permits....

See you all real soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Amazing how I've celebrated Mother's Day since I was 20 years old and 21 years later (boy now everyone knows I'm 41~~~)it seems like my 1st! Yes, it was a truly wonderful day. The only thing missing was my daugher Kristin and my son Oscar (but they both called!).. Alexis surprised me with a beautiful picture she drew titled "My Mommy Has 8 Kids". She drew each one of my children, including my step-daughter. I was moved and delighted and framed in order to properly display it in my office! I was also treated to hand written coupons that are for 1) 7 days of foot massages 2) kiss and hug 3) I'll do whatever you tell me to without asking why 4) We won't argue for 8 hours... Truly special!!!

We had a barbque and swam in our pool. Julian's 1st time in a pool and my 1st time in our house pool (we've lived here over 2 years!)... Now for pictures..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Adoption Do's and Do Not's

I am a member of an adoption forum that helped me find support during my two adoption journeys. It also provided support and lots of answers to questions my own agency did not or could not answer.

Recently, one of the members wrote a post concerning the "Do's and Do Not's" of adoptions. This is specific on what you should not ask or say to an adoptive parent and/or child. I found it very interesting and informative, being that I've personally been asked several of the (don't ask) questions form friends and family.

Adoption is a very unique journey of the heart. It is sometimes looked upon as an act of charity or kidness, however, I have found it to be quite the opposite in my personal case. I am the one that feels privileged to have been chosen as the mother of these two amazing little persons. I have been given the honor of parenting these loving, caring precious children. Although I will never personally know the extent of "why" they were given up for adoption, nor can I tell you "why" I was the one intrusted with raising them, I thank God for the distinct opportunity of doing so.

Everyone has the opportunity of growing their family differently. That's part of having freedom and choices. I was blessed with five biological blessings and now have the honor of raising two additional angels. I don't differentiate biological or adopted children in any way and truly wish others wouldn't ask "which are mine" because they ALL are MINE. That's why I found this list to be so powerful....

I'd like to post a copy of the list the forum member posted for everyone to read and take note.

1.Please do not introduce XXX as "Our adopted grandson/nephew."

2.Please do not make any racial jokes of any kind, no matter how "harmless." There are no harmless jokes.

3.Please love and respect XXX's birthmother.

4.Please do not comment on how you could "never give up your own children." Especially not ever in front of XXXX. You are making an indirectly giving your opinion of XXX's birthmother.

5.Please see XXX as an individual.

6.Please do not make any racist comments about any OTHER race.

7.XXX does NOT owe us anything. XXX is NOT lucky to have us. He did not ask to be born. He certainly didn't ask to be adopted. We are the ones who are lucky.

8. Please learn positive adoption language and use it.

10. There really is no such thing as "race"; we are the human race. There are different cultures and ethnicities.

11.Just as there are different types of people, there are different ways of building families. Adoption is another way and is not a better or worse way of building a family than biologically or any other way. It's just different.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Catching Up...

It's been an extremely busy few weeks for us. Julian's bronciolitis has been quite the challenge. We finally had to make the decision of pulling him out of daycare and found a nanney that stays at our house Monday through Friday. She's not permenant yet, it's kinda a trail run for a few weeks. I personally don't think she'll stay longer than a month or so but at least Julian will be healthy and ready to start daycare again.

The kids are all growing and bonding. It's really amazing to see the progress. Julian is now crawling very quickly, standing and cruising. I'm hoping he'll be walking within a few months. J.R. has made some strides with eating. I started giving him Polyvisol vitamins and it's really giving him an appetite. He's gained two pounds in a week (That's record weight gain for him!)...

Mandy has decided she will grow up to be a dancer. Wahhoo, look what I get to look forward to. This girl is a serious riot!

Posting pictures now!!!!