; Our Joyful Blessings: October 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alberto Looks So Cool!!!!

My friend Ana's son Alberto is chillin with his cool clothes (Compliments of my huge son Julian) who grew out of EVERYTHING!!!! Ana is a digital scrapbooker like me. She made this for me and sent it to me. Needless to say I had to ask her for permission to post this because it's way too cute!!!!!!

Fall has arrived in South Florida

When I was younger and my oldest children where little I never took the time to take them to special places. I worked afternoons and midnights and never had much time or engergy to dedicate to them. I regret that so very much. Those moments and those young years can never be replaced. Thats why I am try and capture these precious moments in my younger children's life.

It's difficult to believe that fall is already here, specially when it's 89 degress outside. Our neighboring city of Parkland had a huge Pumpkin Patch event this fall. I packed up the kids and my camera (all except Mandy who opted for golfing with daddy instead) and headed to Parkland.

The kids enjoyed it so much. There were thousands of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes there. We took many beautiful pictures and even ran into a friend who also adopted from Guatemala and her son Axel.

It was a beautiful day!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Operation Princess Hair Begins!!!!!!

As many of you know there is a precious little guatatoddler in the adoption community fighting cancer.... Abby Riggs is 3 years old and going through a painful process right now. Many of us know of and care for this sweet little one. I need your help to support this precious family!

www.thevoiceofadventure.blogspot.com this is the blog to go to read more about this and the Pay Pal button to give Abby her hair back is on the top of her sidebar.

Abby is so many wonderful things. She is part of an amazing family. There are 7 wonderful kiddos in her family. 3 of those sweeties- including Abby came by way of adoption. Abby is a bouncing, happy, funny princess of a 3 year old....

Now she is also a dear little warrior fighting for her life. She was diagnosed with Leukemia and life suddenly took a radical turn for this amazing family. Her concerns of which princess dress she should wear have turned to whether she will get poked or be able to keep her food down today.

This is sweet Abby right now....

These are the battle scars she has right now in her fight against cancer...

Just one of the MANY things she has been forced to give up is her GORGEOUS princess hair and it makes her very sad.... What is it like to be the mommy that has to tell your 3 year old that she has to take medicine that will give her horrible sores, make her throw up constantly, and cause her to lose her hair? What is that like? What is it like to watch tears slide down your sweet baby's cheeks even in her sleep cause that's how much it hurts.

THIS is not OK with me. If I could I would make this go away. If I could I would change this- I wish there was a way. I know there are so many of us who wish that. We CAN'T MAKE IT GO AWAY! We just can't.

What we can do is give Abby back her princess hair. It's expensive and not something this family needs to worry about during this stressful financial time of paying for medicine and gas and hospital bills. We can not make this all go away but we can give Abby back her hair and make her smile.



This is your mission, should you choose to accept it...

1. I want us to buy sweet Abby one of these- http://www.hatswithhair.com/

It's called a pony sport. It costs $228. It's made with real human hair. It's very comfortable and can be worn with any baseball type cap that Abby prefers.

After visiting with her mommy we feel this would be very comfortable and fun for everyday use at home and the hospital.

2. We will flood Abby and the other kiddos in the family with care packages that let her and her family know they are loved. If you feel you would like to send Abby or her family a present please e-mail Angel at angelweir@gmail.com

We can all send Abby fun presents AND ALL SEND an ADORABLE BASEBALL CAP to wear with her new hair. Then everytime she is having a hard day her momma can bust out a new care package to give her something to smile about.

3. We are also going to buy Abby a custom made wig! Check it out here....


I am so excited about this! It is going to be custom made to look a lot like her hair did before she needed to start chemo. So when Abby wants to dress up nice and look like the Abby she remembers she will have this. This wig will cost about $450. It is made of real hair and created just for her little head.

4. If there are donations exceeding the needed amount for the princess hair we will invite the family to use this money to help with whatever extra expenses they are facing during this difficult time.

It's hard for me to fathom what this family is facing. I want to do whatever I can to support them.

They are full of faith and strong. Cancer FEARS this little fighter! Let's do whatever we can to love and walk with this family during this time. I can't begin to imagine what they are facing but I PRAY that people would be there for me if we ever did walk this path.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween Preview!!!!

After much debate regarding being Buzz Light Year or Spiderman..... The winner is.......

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Elmos Is In the House!!!!

Julian is obsessed with Elmo. While shopping at our local Target, I came across these Elmo Slippers. I had to post these pictures of Julian in his Elmo slippers because I thought these pictures were just too adoreable not to be displayed....

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!!!!

I decided to make sure that the girls had a little mommy and me time this weekend. I have seen this girls club at the mall called Libby Lu's. I surprised the girls and made them an appointment. It's kinds like a mini girls spa complete with a makeup station, nail care area, pick a stuffed doggie area and make your own makeup kit area. They get to choose which hairstyle they want, both my girls decided they wanted to be Hannah Montanas. So they were Rock Stars for a day. It was definately worth it. They had a very nice memorable "sister, mommy, day!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Picture Montage of Our Visit

This morning I woke up and had this beautiful surprise Jill sent me. She took 3 hours out of her very busy day to put this picture montage together for me. I was truly in tears.

Thank you dear sister, our time together was more that amazing and a blessing.

Please take the time to watch this beautiful montage.