; Our Joyful Blessings: September 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Visit To See Aunt Jill and Uncle Scott

This past weekend was very special J.R. and I. We visited my best friend Jill and her amazing family in Pennsylvania. God did not bless me with a biological sister, however, he did bless me with Jill who is more than a sister to me.

Jill is totally amazing. She has seven children and is currently waiting on her eighth child who is coming from Ethiopia. It's amazing to see how she is able to handle her children with such ease. I have four at home who are very good kids, however, they do not come close to being as obidient and well behaved (except for one)...

We spent three days together. Her sweet daughter Lexi gave us a mini-spa evening on Friday night. This young lady is kind, sweet, caring and beautiful. I finally got to meet Jill's dear husband. What an experience that was. I was able to see what a kind, caring person he is. He's an amazing father and husband. I'm so happy to have had three days with them both. Scott you make the BEST pancakes I've ever had!

We went to Philadelphia on Saturday and visited the Franklin Insitute Museum of Science. That was such an amazing place to visit. All the kids, as well as the adults, had a marvalous time. They had a special pirate exhibit that we enjoyed.

One of the highlights of my trip was discovering that J.R. needed to be just like the big boys as it relates to using the potty. Yes, it's true, he became fully potty trained in ONE day. Uncle Scott helped out and wahhhlaaa DONE DEAL! He has NOT had one single accident since!

Jill and I have now come to an agreement as it pertains to visitations. We will be visiting each other every 5-6 months (taking turns) doing so. So, she will be coming to see us in February. I have a wonderful time planned!!!!!

I was able to capture some wonderful memories of this years trip to visit my BFF and her BEATIFUL family.

Thank you my dear friend for receiving us with such open arms. I know we will be friends forever.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

J.R. and I are going to visit Jill!

It's been over TWO years since Alexis and I visited Jill in Pennsylvania. Jill is the sister I never had. We met while I was completing J.R.'s adoption. She was using the same agency while adopting two of her boys. We are sure that God brought us together for a reason. She was able to adopt two children from my facilitator. They are bio siblings and the cutest little ones you could ever see.

J.R. is beyond excited about seeing all the kids, being with Aunt Jill and riding on an airplane. He made me buy him a carryon and now he won't leave it alone. Is he not the cutest thing ever?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Celebrating Adoption Photos

We are blessed to have had Lori Barrett come and take pictures of our family. She is truely amazing. She had so much patience with the kids. Lori participates in a charity called "Celebrating Adoptions" where photographers donate their time to take portraits of children that have been adopted. Lori was gracious enough to come and take wonderful pictures of our little ones. Thank you Lori you are amazing! Here are some of the pictures she's posted on her website http://loribarrettphotography.blogspot.com/

Welcome Home Lola!

Hello everyone,

We have a couple of updated for the week. Firstly, I'd like to congradulate J.R. for making the top 25 in the 2-4 year age group for the South Florida Parenting Magazine Cover Contest. The finals were held yesterday and he had a fantastic time at the Children's Museum of Art.

Secondly, we would like to welcome Lola to our family. She arrived yesterday after a long journey from Oklahoma. She already fits right in. She loves to play and chase the kids around and loves to pull their hair when they are on the floor playing. Welcome home Lola!!!!

Oh one more thing... We finally had our Celebrating Adoptions photo session yesterday with Lori Barrett photography. She came over and was very patient with my impossible kids. I'll post the link for the proofs once she provides it to me. We can't wait to see those pictures! Thank you LORI YOU ROCK!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back From Vacation!

For the first time in a very long time we went on vacation with friends and without the kiddos. We flew to San Juan and took a 7 night cruise to Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Marteen and St. Thomas. It was wonderful and peaceful. It was nice to not have to hear an alarm clock ringing at 530 a.m.. I did miss the kids but not before we tried the zip-line in Barbados, jet skies and boat tubing in St. Lucia, power boating in Antigua and shopping in St. Marteen and St. Thomas yeahhhhh!!!!

We arrived last night to find Julian now an official walker/runner and not a crawler anymore. It's amazing how in 7 days he seems to have gone from a baby to a big boy toddler!!!

Anyhow, here are some pictures of us and the beautiful places we visited this past week.