; Our Joyful Blessings: January 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Very Busy Disney Weekend!!

I haven't posted in about a month. I purchased an iMac and I'm learning how to use it. It's an amazing computer but it does take a bit of getting used to. I also purchased the Fussion software in order to be able to use all my Windows based programs like PhotoShop, but I can't find my actual Windows software to load, so, until I do I'm out of luck.

We've been a busy family. We've hosted a couple of weekend get togethers with friends and this weekend we spent at our most favorite place DISNEY WORLD... We visited the Magic Kingdom twice and Hollywood Studios. We headed out shortly after breakfast and made it till about 2pm, then back to the hotel for lunch and left daddy and Julian in the room while I went back out with the rest of the kids until about 9pm... Yeap, my back is completely out and I feel like someone ran me over with a Mac truck, but hey the kids had a fabulous time!!!!!

Here are some pictures of our most amazing weekend.. Oh, by the way, we tried out the Caribbean Beach Resort and it was terrific! We will try that one again!